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The oldest inspiration

I’ve been wanting to add a hare drawing to my pieces for ages now, and today while I was browsing hare photos it reminded me that I should tell you about one of my oldest inspirations.masquerade-jewel

In 1979, an artist called Kit Williams made an incredibly beautiful jewelled gold hare piece. He hid it ‘somewhere in the British countryside’, and the only way to find it was to solve the riddles in a beautiful illustrated book called ‘Masquerade’.

I used to pore over the book, both loving the artwork and enthralled by the buried treasure idea. Sadly someone beat me to the solution and found it. I was gutted, (though I can forgive myself as I was a toddler) but I have never forgotten .

I don’t know if I love it so much because it incorporates a lot of my interests, or whether this sparked off some of my interests in the first place. I don’t think I will ever know. (Looking at it, I can see just how many of my ideas it has triggered!)

Kit Williams also wrote another untitled ‘puzzle’ book, known as ‘The Bee Book’, and other art books. Here are some pictures from Masquerade (obviously all images copyright Kit Williams). Even though the puzzle is long solved, it’s a beautiful book. And I have to confess, I have never been smart enough to solve all the riddles. If you read it, I’d love to know what you think – and I’d love to know if you solved any!

masquerade hare pagesix-to-eightanimalring2






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