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(Re) Location, Location, Location

So, after almost two years of nomadic life, we have settled down and bought a house. Over the past years, we have fluttered between Manchester and Suffolk, and we weren’t sure where life was going to take us. Finally, we have settled in a tiny Suffolk village (population ~170!!).

Moving away from Manchester has been a huge decision – I moved almost 10 years ago, to lovely Levenshulme. I have some wonderful friends there, it is where I set up my business, and my husband’s family are nearby, so we will definitely keep a strong connection there and be around and about a lot!

However, my husband loves his job down south, and being back in the wilderness has been a huge help for me getting better. Also, it’s an exciting new adventure! And we like those.

We have bought a fixer-upper (understatement!!) and are starting a complete renovation, so if you like house reno pictures – stick around! It’s quite a lifestyle change – our new village doesn’t even have any streetlights, and it’s a 2 mile walk to the nearest post office (the dogs will appreciate this), but city life had really begun getting me down and I seriously missed nature!!

To all my lovely northern pals, I promise to keep in touch, and no doubt you’ll see me soon! xxx

This is part of my new post office run, what do you think?!



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