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Hello! June 06, 2013 1

I’m Kate, the creative behind Kate Conaghan Design. I make unique jewellery and design pieces that are inspired by the natural world and vintage treasures.

I have been creative and crafty my whole life, and have been making things for as long as I can remember. I started out making jewellery and accessories as a child, and carried on – I couldn’t ever find jewellery how I dreamed I wanted it, so I made it. It started out just for me, or for gifts, or requests for friends, and it grew from there. My business was born in Manchester last year, after a chance meeting with an incredible artist who informed me that I really, really, should be selling my necklaces.

I mainly work with laser cut wood, along with porcelain pieces, vintage charms and metal work, gemstones, glass beads, salvaged vintage items, and other quirky components. I also make illustrations and drawings, and salvage vintage illustrations and prints.

I get quite excited about beautiful things, and I love the feeling of seeing a new piece and thinking ‘yay!’. This, more than anything, is what I would like to invoke with my work.

Alongside quality, I also consider the environment to be incredibly important. All of my wood is ethically and sustainably sourced, the bulk of my laser cutting is done with renewable energy, and almost all of my packaging is made from recycled materials. I strive to be ethical in all that I do, from shopping small and fair, to treating people well.

We are currently relocating part of our lives back to beautiful Suffolk, where I am originally from, so natural inspiration is in plentiful supply. I have written a bit more about my inspirations below.

It’s lovely hear from people, so feel free to drop me a line.

Kate x